Kinesiology and Physioenergetics®

Kinesiology is based on a holistic way of thinking, which sees body, mind and soul as unity and health as optimal energetic circulation.

The musculature communicates with the subconscious mind. A muscle is exposed to targeted stress. After it has been removed, the muscle is controlled for a short moment exclusively by our autonomous, i.e. unconscious nervous system.

With the help of this muscle test, interactions can be recognized and a therapy can be selected to stimulate the self-healing powers.

A special form is physioenergetics, which works with all mechanisms of the body (muscles, nerves, lymph, emotions, etc. and their interaction).

With the help of the arm length reflex according to Van Assche energetic imbalances are determined. At the same time, the therapy is tested, which enables the system to fully reactivate its self-healing powers.


The treatment lasts about an hour, is not painful and has no side effects.
This service is not covered by the statutory health insurance.

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