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Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery

Detecting and treating movement pain: orthopaedics.


Usually diseases of our spine or joints are painful and interfere with our movements. This raises the question: How can we help our patients best?

A careful examination is the indispensable basis. The human body is a complicated system. Muscles, tendons, fasciae and joints are not to be considered separately, they are team players in the interaction of the musculoskeletal system. Symptoms such as pain, restricted movement or loss of function may not even be perceived where the physical dysfunction lies.

At the beginning of our treatment, the localization of the cause of the complaint is in the center. If it is possible to localise the disease exactly, it can be treated purposefully. Thanks to our broad expertise, we have a wide range of medical procedures at our disposal. We treat at our sites in Flörsheim, Hattersheim and Hofheim.

Trauma surgery

Accidents during sports, at work and in the household cause damage to the musculoskeletal system. Careful diagnostics and therapy according to guidelines are necessary to ensure that these do not lead to permanent restrictions or permanent damage.

Thanks to our specialist expertise, we are in a position to provide initial treatment for occupational accidents at all 3 sites. If further BG treatment should be necessary, we have a medical clearance at the Flörsheim site. This allows us to treat occupational accidents on a long-term basis.


Our center of orthopaedics offers you all diagnostic possibilities.

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Sorts of therapy

Depending on your personal requirements and wishes, we can treat orthopaedic and accident surgery diseases conservatively and surgically.

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Special services

In addition to the services of the statutory health insurance, we offer you a wide range of special services (so-called "individual health services").

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For athletes

One focus of our practice is the care of athletes in case of injury, but also in case of overstrain-related diseases of tendons, joints and muscles.

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For children and teenagers

Special skills are required for the treatment of children and adolescents.

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For employers' liability insurance associations

The treatment of occupational accidents requires high claims on specialists.

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Arthrosis is the wear and tear of the joints.

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Back pain is one of the most important causes of incapacity for work in Germany.

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Manual medicine, together with chiropractic therapy, is a medical school used for the treatment of dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system

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Outpatient and inpatient: Custom-made operations.

As experienced orthopaedists and trauma surgeons as well as hand surgeons and general surgeons with many years of experience, we always weigh up non-operative and operative treatment methods. If an operation cannot be avoided, modern diagnostics and innovative surgical techniques today offer the possibility of significantly improving the quality of life of our patients through precise surgery.

Durch unsere Belegärztliche sowie Honorarärztliche Tätigkeit im Rotkreuz Krankenhaus Frankfurt sowie durch unsere Kooperation mit dem ambulanten OP Zentrum in Hofheim können wir neben kleineren ambulanten Eingriffen auch zahlreiche schwierigere Eingriffe unter komfortablen ambulanten und stationären Bedingungen anbieten.

Hip and knee implantation

The implantation of hip and knee endoprostheses has become one of the most standardized surgical procedures.

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Forefoot surgery

Our foot surgeons will find an individual solution for all foot problems that require surgical treatment.

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Arthroscopic Surgery

The arthroscopic treatment of knees and shoulder joints has become an integral part of orthopaedics.

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Cruciate ligament replacement surgeries

The anterior cruciate ligament is an important stabilizer of the knee joint.

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Shoulder surgery

Whether it is a tightness under the acromion, a dislocation of the shoulder or a rupture of muscles in the shoulder, the interaction of many factors is necessary for the shoulder.

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Hand surgery

The hands, like hardly any other parts of the human musculoskeletal system, are extremely important organs of the body.

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Injuries and fractures

Not all bone fractures can be treated in plaster cast.

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Implant removals

After an operative treatment of a bone fracture, a plate of screws or wires often remains.

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Naturopathy and General Medicine

Naturopathy and General Medicine in the Center of Orthopaedics Rhein-Main

Naturopathy encompasses the human being in its entirety and involves his entire world in diagnosis and therapy. They are very well applicable for functional disturbances of circulation, movement and digestive system, in the vegetative and endocrine system. They aim at functional order and restoration of disturbed endogenous regulation systems.


As basic and supplementary therapy, they are helpful for all forms and phases of disease, but also have their limits, depending on the degree of regulatory disorder. They mainly use natural environmental stimuli as remedies to activate and support the self-healing powers. They aim at functional order and restoration of disturbed endogenous regulation systems.

We also use methods of naturopathy for complementary pain therapy.

The approach is to bring about a change in depth, as many factors are required for chronic pain to occur.

If, for example, a control light in the car glows, this is an indication that something is wrong in the system. There is no point in replacing the light, you have to see where the cause lies in the depth.

Classical acupuncture

Stimulate your own body precisely.

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Programming to support self-healing.

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Kinesiology and Physioenergetics®

Kinesiology is based on a holistic way of thinking.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Man is considered in his entirety.

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Hypnosis is a therapeutic method to communicate with the subconscious.

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Muscles and joints will be stabilized without restricting mobility.

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Travel medical advice

Despite all the fun of travelling, good preparation helps you to enjoy your trip and above all to return home healthy.

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General medical treatment

It goes without saying that we are also the contact for all diseases from the general medical field.

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